2021 Featured Artists

Daryl Tetford – TN

Featured Poster Artist


Thetford has created two new original works entitled “Contemporary Desert Woman,” and “Art of Swing,” to be rendered as commemorative posters for La Quinta Art Celebration 2021. A scratch golfer himself, Daryl literally has a bucket list of Coachella Valley golf courses on which he has set his sights to play.

Daryl's work has been described as graphic, modern, pop, and contemporary. His process has been called photo collage, digital art, and digital mixed media. But whatever you choose to call it, it is instantly recognizable as a “Thetford.”

The Art of the Swing by Daryl Thetford.jpg

"Art of Swing"

Contemporary Desert Woman by Daryl Thetford - final.jpg

"Contemporary Desert Woman"

Daryl Thetford grew up on a hundred-acre farm in Bradford, Tennessee, a small town in the rural northwest corner of the state. His father was a forklift operator who worked in a warehouse, and his mother was a beautician. While they encouraged their son to pursue so-called "practical" avenues of work, they also recognized an early artistic bent, and enrolled him in oil painting lessons--which he loved--at age nine.


Although he went on to obtain a graduate degree in counseling from Murray State University, and spent 15 years working as a vocational program director, mental health center manager, and a therapist, his creative juices never dried up. In 2001, when Thetford left mental health to return to his first love, art, he discovered that the psychology of behavior and emotion--everything he'd been studying and practicing for years--flowed neatly into his artistic process. The result is a compelling body of photo collage work that is informed by the richness of the psyche.

Thetford’s work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries throughout the United States and has been commissioned by numerous public agencies and corporations. In addition, his work can be found in multiple public and corporate collections.

daryl thetford bio pic.jpg

Daryl Thetford

Kristin DeSantis – CO

Featured T-Shirt Artist (Women’s) – “Gigi”


It all started in a junkyard for Kristin DeSantis. At age 35, after working in front of a computer as a graphic artist for years, she was ready to get physical.


In 1999, she bought her first piece of aluminum from a scrap yard and began teaching herself how to tame it. "I like pushing the limit of what can be done with this medium, keeping the viewer guessing about what they are looking at - is it silver, enamels, glass, ceramic?" 

Kristin is a contemporary metal and mixed-media artist, with the help from her husband Marc. Their studio is located high in the Rocky Mountains outside the small town of Allenspark, Colorado.

Gigi the Giraffe for women t-shirt.jpg


head shot - Kristin DeSantis.jpg

Kristin DeSantis

Over the past 18 years they’ve created large wall and freestanding sculptures. The most recent 5 years they’ve devoted their time and energy developing their unique line of aluminum and resin jewelry. The artistic forms come from Kristin’s imagination and Marc’s engineering background brings the concepts to fruition. Kristin utilized her design background to adapt a metal sculpture of a giraffe nibbling on branches into the whimsical design of “Gigi holding paintbrushes in her mouth for the women’s t-shirt.


Whether it be in her creation of art, raising their sons or in their spare time, Kristin and her husband Marc Kriewaldt are together side by side. They continue to push the limits and are recognized as the Lead Couple of the Leadville Trail 100 MTB which is a 103 mile race at high altitude and over extreme terrain.


Marc and Kristin DeSantis

Catherine Dzialo-Haller, CA 

Featured T-Shirt Artist (Mens) – “CA Dreaming


Self-proclaimed as a Contemporary Realist, who paints abstractly, Catherine says “my  painting journey is through abstract areas of color, shapes and contrast, and when completed and taken as a whole, surprises myself by becoming realistic.”

Catherine studied at Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles prior to moving to Hawaii where she attended the Honolulu Art Academy and the University of Hawaii. After many years she returned to California and earned her degree from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.




Catherine Dzialo-Haller

She has been honored with many awards throughout her career and is represented in galleries in Southern California and Connecticut.

Dzialo-Haller also teaches art to grammar school children through ArtReach, a special non-profit organization that takes professional artists into elementary schools hroughout San Diego County to provide standards-based, visual art workshops.