Event Overview

La Quinta Art Celebration is now ranked as the #1 Fine Art & Craft Event in the Nation by Greg Lawler’s Art Fair SourceBook
“Elite 10” Fine Art Events 2022”.

200 Premier Artists From Across the Globe 

Champagne Bars                                                

Margarita Island                                          

Winery Row                                   

12 Categories of Art

Gourmet Food Court

The Oasis Lounge

Live Musical Entertainment

SCOPE Events invites you to join us and 200 premier artists for the 4-day

La Quinta Art Celebration held March 3-6, 2022.


Welcome to La Quinta Art Celebration!


I am delighted that you have chosen to spend your time with us this weekend. This art event provides an opportunity to commune in the spirit of celebrating fine art and fine craft. I invite you to soak in all the good energy and take some home with you when you find the piece that is just right!


This is an exciting 3rd year for La Quinta Art Celebration - an event that would not be possible without the overwhelming support from the community and our volunteers. We are showcasing 200 premier artists in 11 categories from 31 states and six countries. We had so much fun this past November that La Quinta Art Celebration will now be held twice annually. Save the Date:  November 10-13, 2022. 


Be sure to visit the Celebration Bistro to enjoy quality food and top shelf beverages including Napa Valley Wines and the Stella Artois Airstream. I am particularly excited about the new Palm Bar overlooking the venue. It’s a perfect space to relax and enjoy a beverage of choice.  


I am grateful to Event Director, Kathleen Hughes and her amazing team that I work with to produce this magical event. Enjoy our inspiring March 2022 Art Celebration and I hope to see you again in November.



Paul Anderson

CEO, Scope Events, LLC