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Driftwood Sculpture

Crystal Lockwood

About The Artist

I love creating with a medium that allows me to communicate through and with Mother Nature. I seek to show the interconnectedness that we all have with each other and with the natural world. My work is purposely metamorphic, showing that we are in constant change, we are all being reborn everyday. We all, ultimately, originated from Mother Nature, and we will all eventually return to Mother Nature.

I love the way that Nature teaches us how her imperfections are her greatest beauty. Choosing wood as a medium, I honor the gifts that Nature has given us. There is a raw energy in the driftwood, and it’s beautiful imperfections. The journey that the wood has taken to get to the beach reminds me of the journey of life, there are storms, there are good and bad seasons, we go with the flow of the river only to be tossed into an unforgiving ocean…then one day, we are thrown onto a beach to rest in the sun, beautifully broken, shaped by the wind and the sea, changed by our journey yet stronger and more powerful because of it.

I believe that art is an unspoken communication of our emotions, our hopes, and our dreams. I believe that art should make a person feel depths of emotion that are rarely reached on a day to day basis. I believe that art should help us to tap into that emotion, that part of us that lies hidden and untold in our psyche, thoughts, and dreams.

I am committed to helping people connect with Nature through my work, to connect with themselves, to connect with each other, and to see that we are all, like Mother Nature, beautifully broken.

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  • Feb 29, 2024, 10:00 AM – Mar 03, 2024, 4:00 PM
    La Quinta, 78495 Calle Tampico, La Quinta, CA 92253, USA
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