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Volunteers Needed

First and foremost, by volunteering at an arts festival you will  of course be supporting your local creative scene. La Quinta Art Celebration lays claim to some of the most influential artists, in a venue unlike any other.  In a city like ours, which pops with artistic expression, giving up a little of your time and energy to ensure that the city retains its artsy reputation for years to come is a fabulous way to love your city back, Have fun, and meet great new friends.

– Rhonda Larson, Retail Captain 

My husband and I have volunteered with the LQ Art Celebration since its inception and it has truly been a blessing.  The venue is beautiful, the artists are the best of the best, and we enjoy serving and socializing with the artists and other volunteers.

– Carol O’ Donnell, Hospitality Captain 

Become a Volunteer Today

Join this fabulous team of La Quinta Art Celebration Volunteers!

Many different positions are available to meet your interests. 

Only two 4-hour shifts are required. Get to know other volunteers, show pride in La Quinta with your participation and become a part of this Nationally top-ranked outdoor art event.

Download and print the Volunteer Request form for the Spring 2024 event and a document with a short description of each position. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call Debby at (760-628-7770).

Spring 2024

THANKS TO OUR WONDERFUL VOLUNTEERS for their continued support. With welcoming smiles for patrons and artists, they show pride in promoting this fine event to a #1 Ranking in the Nation. The volunteer teams are directed by an amazing group of dedicated Captains who embrace new procedures, new assignments, and new technology to continuously improve every facet of this event. Thanks to the entire team! You are simply THE BEST!

Thank you for your support.

Debby Nelson
Volunteer Manager
La Quinta Art Celebration

Celebration Store

Dacia Emmel

Celebration Store

Rhonda Larson


Judy Wilkinson


Susan Golden


Gloria Nixt


Stephanie Hughes

Golf Cart Drivers

Phil La Greca

Helpline Coordinators

Debi Brewer


Melinda Moon


John O’Donnell


Carol O’Donnell


Carol Winston

Lunch Box Distribution

Steve Carter

Lunch Box Distribution

Steve Barath


Amy Helm

Ticket Sales

Madelaine Wolfe

Ticket Sales

Marge Dodge

Ticket Scanners & Greeters

Jerry Cantarini

Ticket Scanners & Greeters

Bob Carlson

Ticket Scanners & Greeters

Anthony Guerrero

Ticket Scanners & Greeters

Don Sturges

Ticket Upgrades

Nancy Barath

Volunteer Liaison

Carol Benner

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