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Coldworking Glass

Diane Allison

About The Artist

Diane Allison has always been fascinated with the effects of light on color, portraying those subtlties in her painting and photography. Diane is currently known for her colorful glass pendants and coldworked glass sculpture often using curved surfaces to further enhance her Impressionistic exploration of light and color.

Fewer than .01% of glass artists are strictly coldworking artists: No Heat! Working from the inside out, Diane's hand processes include cutting, grinding and polishing glass with tight tolerances balancing technical skills with artistry: no heat. She uses a variety of glass including old Lighthouse Lenses, dichroic and high end ultra-clear crystal glass.

In Diane’s recent series of Sailing themed pieces, she uses color itself over theme to create a range of emotions reminiscent of her days sailing in the Straights of San Juan de Fuca: serene yellow, soothing green, warm and enveloping red, cold and remote blue, energetic orange, and restless purple.


In her latest “Lights” series Diane is pushing out technical boundaries including epoxy colorants to further explore an infinite range of paradoxes: glass is solid and fragile, opaque and transparent, reflective and refractive.

Success to Diane occurs when the glass piece captivates the viewer’s imagination and encourages him to discover something new visually with each view.

Save Your Spot

  • Feb 29, 2024, 10:00 AM – Mar 03, 2024, 5:00 PM
    La Quinta Civic Center, 78495 Calle Tampico, La Quinta, CA 92253, USA
    Jury-selected, world-class artists from across the nation and globe exhibiting their original artworks. Stunning La Quinta Civic Center venue, enthusiastic art patrons, best in class artists, unsurpassed community support and event staff who are committed to providing a VIP experience.

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