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Rosario Garcia

About The Artist

My name is Rosario Garcia I’m a second generation of metalsmith, I was born in Havana, Cuba, into a family with a strong artistic tradition who influenced my intellectual development, by that time Cuba was going through the early years of its communist revolution, so that almost everyone in the country was reduced to the restrictions and poverty that came with it and there were no funds available to pay for an education in the arts so she never received the advantage of classical training, but as the artistic spirit cannot be crushed however by poverty ,through self-teaching ,dedication and her talent, she was able to start her career, her skill continued to develop and in 1988 her work got the attention of ACAC.(Cuban association of artist and artisan ) one of the most prestigious art institution in the country, where Rosario, was able to work for the institution and received some professional training.

Her work began doing (small metal sculptures, using repousse and fabrication technique) much of which would be marketed by the government to foreign visitors to Havana. After a while, fellow artists introduced her to the craft of making jewelry, that became her passion, as it involve fashioning small sculptures.

In 1994 Rosario consider that her life took a momentous turn, when she converted to Christianity, shortly after, she was able to come to the US and finally have the freedom she was always looking for. Rosario met Enrique Garcia, who later became her husband, a metalsmith who’s skill boast of technical excellency, GIA graduated and the founder of “Rosario Garcia Designs. ” in 1996.

Later in their career, and motivated by the strong artistic influence of European Goldsmiths they decided to travel and attended Art Studio FUJI, School of Design and fashion in Florence Italy and had the honor to be certified by one of the best art institutions in Europe affiliated to FEDE (European federation of school) so a new world of possibilities and opportunities opened up.

Today their work is done in high kt gold. They live and have their studio in Ft Lauderdale Fl.

They have been part of fine art events throughout the United States, Their pieces are `on display at various art galleries, their work has been featured in several prestigious publications and they have had the honor of been awarded in the fine gold category in different occasions.

Since I had senses, I’ve been strongly attracted and influenced by the beauty of nature, Everything with organic lines capture my attention

The island where I grew up full of vegetation and the ocean is still stamped in my soul so all of that is reflected in my work ,my style is a juxtaposition of classic and contemporary lines. My technique is fabrication ( I work out of sheets of gold forging,chasing , and soldering so all my work is done individually

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