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Steve Hunsicker

About The Artist

Most of my work can be categorized into one of two categories: mixed media paintings or mixed media wall sculptures (or something in between).

My preferred substrate is wood. This preference was defined early in my career and harkens back to my youth when I would steal wood scraps from the construction sites in the neighborhood that I grew up in to draw and paint on. Fortunately my days of thievery are behind me and I now purchase (most of) my art supplies from the local lumberyard.

This early experience with wood has helped define the direction of my work. Working on wood enables me to work in multiple dimensions, if I choose, while continuing to hold onto my preference of a two dimensional approach. I do this in a number of ways: mounting the panels on different planes, bending the panels, cutting or breaking holes in the surfaces and sometimes embedding sculptural pieces into the paintings. The final result can be a two dimensional painting floating in a three-dimensional space or a three-dimensional work that is presented to be viewed as a 2 dimensional piece.

My work is usually manifests itself in two basic if not distinct forms, Painting and Wall Sculpture. In my work the distinction between the two is often a bit blurry. The wall sculptures are usually identified as carved wooden elements painted and mounted in a shallow recessed frame and the paintings are everything else that I do. Sometimes these paintings incorporate sculptural elements or other items that I have come across and find interesting.

I like to incorporate texture and multiple dimensions in my work. I do this by texturing the panels, using multiple panels, often overlapping, and then mounting them so that they appear to float in front of the walls surface. Often my work starts with surface being covered with drawings and writings, usually poetry, lines from songs and thoughts of what is important to me at the time. At times icons and symbols from a variety of cultures, ancient and modern, are combined into the work. I continue the painting using multiple translucent glazes that eventually obscure these original drawings and writings. Sometimes hints or glimpses of these original drawings and writings can still be seen hidden below the finished surface.

My creative process usually starts with an idea inspired by a dream or something envisioned during that semi conscious state between being asleep and awake. I usually don’t fully succeed in re-creating the image that I envisioned but the quest to do so, the collection of attempts, results in a serried body of works along a theme that is continued on until my drive to obtain that original vision is satisfied.

My work has two purposes, one is purely self indulgent, a personal quest and is designed for my own satisfaction, a struggle to find an answer to a personal issue or a comment on social issues. Ultimately the purpose of my work is aesthetic, to create something of beauty, something that will enrich the life of the viewer.

I hope that it will enrich yours.


Steve Hunsicker

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  • Feb 29, 2024, 10:00 AM – Mar 03, 2024, 5:00 PM
    La Quinta Civic Center, 78495 Calle Tampico, La Quinta, CA 92253, USA
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