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Oil on Canvas

Briana West

About The Artist

Briana West, an artist with over 30 years of passionate brushwork, welcomes you to her vibrant world of artistic expression. Her canvas is a realm where creativity knows no bounds, and where she's embraced the rich tradition of Russian and California Impressionism with a flourish.

In her artistic journey, Briana has explored various mediums, but today, she exclusively employs the magic of oil paints to breathe life into her captivating visions. Her paintings are a heartfelt invitation to wander through landscapes both real and imagined, where every stroke tells a unique story, and where reality and dreams blend seamlessly.

With each artwork, Briana offers you a glimpse into her inner world, a place where color, texture, and emotions converge in harmonious beauty. Her love for Russian and California Impressionism reveals itself in every piece, inviting you to explore the deep connections between nature and art.

"Enigmatic Visions" by Briana West is a compelling series of artworks that masterfully captures the essence of mystery and fascination. Each piece features a woman that hints at a world of undiscovered wonder, leaving the viewer with a sense of curiosity and intrigue. These paintings invite you into a realm where the unknown takes center stage, where beauty meets the mysterious, and where the gaze holds a story waiting to be explored. The series beckons you to step into the shoes of the women depicted, to share their secrets, and to embrace the allure of the enigmatic. It's a journey through art that celebrates the uncharted territories of the human imagination.

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  • Feb 29, 2024, 10:00 AM – Mar 03, 2024, 4:00 PM
    La Quinta, 78495 Calle Tampico, La Quinta, CA 92253, USA
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