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Eri Sugimoto

About The Artist

I am a Japanese ceramicist living in Orange County, CA. I was born in Tokyo and raised in Yokohama, Japan. In my final year as an art history student at university, I decided to enroll in a design school, which opened the way to my creativity. Following design school, I began my career as an industrial designer. Then, I completed a master’s degree in industrial design. While working as an industrial designer again in Tokyo, I encountered the world of clay and started learning hand-building at a ceramic studio. After moving to the United States in 2005, I began learning wheel throwing. Since then, I have been enjoying and challenging my creativity in my studio.

My work has been shown in numerous juried shows and exhibitions nationwide. Also, I am now participating in the Biennale in Barcelona, Spain.

Form, pattern, and texture—these are the significant elements of my work. Through the paper resist technique, I am always exploring an infinite variety of combinations of clay and slip that maximize the appeal of these elements.

I design and hand-cut distinct paper patterns for each artwork. Then, using the ceramic body of the piece as a canvas, I lay out these paper patterns on it. After applying the original slip or glaze slip (which I make) over it, I peel off the patterns. Before the bisque and the final firing, I add the finishing touches carefully and repeatedly by hand.

In my work, I make two-dimensional patterns look three-dimensional through the placement of the design on the organic curve. The asymmetry and dynamic composition in my work was influenced by my experience of studying Japanese Middle Age art on folding screens, ink paintings, sliding screen paintings, and illustrated scrolls in my early days as an art history student.

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