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Mixed Media

Philippe Jestin

About The Artist

“It started in 1999 with the idea of finding a way to use resin as a sculptural material on flat surfaces .I started to carve shallow drawing in wood dishes and panels to control and contain the resin.

The resulting work was very satisfying, but the amount of work, hand carving the panels was a difficult and limiting process.

In 2006 with some experimentation I developed a technique using silicone poured on wood panels and allowed to cure directly on the surface, once the silicone is cured and rubber like I transferred the drawing by pressing the pencil lines on the silicone, then using a sharp blade I cut out the area where the resin will be poured, left to cure and harden, at this point the mask of silicone is removed from the surface and the work is completed.

The resin stayed where I wanted and did not seep under the silicone mask in the white spaces, this was a very happy time in the studio and this successful experiment opened up a all new field of opportunities.

Each work is unique the silicone mask cannot be reused once removed from the surface. The work grows exponentially in difficulty with the size of the panel and the intricacy of the drawing. When the resin is poured, it is a final act, at this point any mistake is irreversible, I wished in the past there was a way but the lessons were learned and necessary, even when it meant hours of work gone in less than an hour…Stay present and do it again! ”

The artworks presented in the festival are mostly from the StripePose Series, where I create poses of human figures and uses a trace contour drawing to render volume in stripes. When I start a drawing with one or multiples figures I do not have a clear idea of what it will become and look like when it is finished, sometimes the artwork will hardly be seen as a body and I love the idea of not knowing what it will look like until it is done.

Years ago during one of my Open Studios in San Francisco, a client bought an artwork, this client was a Dentist, the pose in the artwork looked like a tooth and until that moment I had not seen it as such.

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    La Quinta, 78495 Calle Tampico, La Quinta, CA 92253, USA
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